WindBase Offshore is the exclusive distributor in New England, USA, of the Titan 200 mobile jack-up platform for offshore wind turbines, meteorological towers, desalination systems and more.  Most of the offshore wind farms proposed on the US Atlantic Coast will be in mid-range depths of 120 to 200 feet.  This is too deep for monopole foundations and too shallow for most floating foundations.  The Titan is the ideal design for this depth range. 

The Titan design has the lowest risk and cost of any mid-depth foundation.  Based on many decades of offshore oil and gas installations, it is fully assembled on shore, towed into place, and stands up on the seabed.  It is just as easily removed.  Turbines on the Titan platforms can be quickly re-located.  Meteorological towers on Titans can sample data moving from one location to another.  The Titans can be hubs for wave energy farms and platforms for desalinization units.  Only the Titan platform is a multi-revenue ocean energy solution.

Mobile Platforms for Wind Turbines, Met Towers and Desal Systems

The current Titan design can support turbines up to 20 MW and produce up to 5M gallons of fresh water per day.  On-shore assembly eliminates the need for special installation vessels.   
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The Low-Risk, Low-Cost Offshore Foundation Solution

2019 Mar 1 News:   Comment submitted on Vineyard Wind Draft EIS

Mobile met towers enable rapid sampling of potential turbine sites and the collection of valuable ocean data for many customers.
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