Windbase Offshore Inc.


Over ten offshore wind projects are now proposed in USA.   The US Department of Energy Wind Program publishes annual reports on the progress of these projects and their market potential and dynamics.  The larger projects will use more than 100 turbines each and over 500 turbines may be installed, each needing a foundation such as the Titan.  The Global Offshore Wind Farms Database has details on hundreds of projects around the world.  By far the most activity is in Europe and is documented by the European Wind Energy Association.  The UK Carbon Trust has extensive reports about the resource, technologies and markets.   Market Potential is currently limited by water depth: the monopile foundations used for shallow-water sites are not suitable for water over 100 feet deep.  All but two of the proposed USA offshore wind farms are in water deeper than 100 feet.  The TITAN is the only foundation that is suitable for 100-300 feet depth and any seabed condition, and that does not require specialized offshore construction ships.