The Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines in Mid-Range Depths

  • The Titan platform current design is rated for a 8 Megawatt wind turbine
    in water depth from 100 to 300 feet.  This is the depth range for almost all 
    the proposed US Atlantic coast offshore wind farms
  • The Titan can support a substation for an offshore wind farm.  
  • The Titan is fully assembled on shore and floated into place.
  • Installation has virtually no environmental impacts.  
  • Six Titan platforms with 6MW turbines will be used in the Gulf of Mexico 
    in a fully-permitted 30MW project to produce clean energy, fresh water
    ​from on-board desalination systems, and concentrated brine for sale to industry.  

Turbine Rating:  8 MW

Depth Rating:  100-280 feet

Storm Rating:  Category 5

Installation Time:  3 Days

Crane Ship: Not Needed


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These documents present the key project and cost advantages of the TITAN 200 jack-up substructure for wind turbines and water desalination.