Windbase Offshore Inc.

Executive Training

The right selection and operation of ocean platforms is absolutely essential to the success of any offshore wind project.  We will train your executive and technical teams in the high-level technology and management skills needed to make the Titan the foundation for your success.  

Stakeholder Education

Stakeholders review every aspect of offshore wind farms, especially the technology for holding the turbines upright in hurricanes, and for bringing the turbines back to shore or moving them if issues arise.    Risk management is their concern.  right selection and operation of platforms is absolutely essential to the success of any offshore wind project.  We provide training and education for stakeholder groups so they are confident they are receiving reliable information, and we ask competing foundation suppliers and activist organizations to join us so the audience knows they are getting many sides to the story.  

Meteorological Data

We provide complete "Met Towers" with 300 ft+ capability and all desired sensor packages.  Completely outfitted on land, the Met Tower on the Titan is towed into place and quickly stands up and goes to work.  When a data series is completed, the platform is easily moved to another location for sampling.  Towers are available on a lease basis, and provide the most cost-effective alternative for New England offshore sampling.

Site Feasibility Assessment

We provide objective evaluation of proposed sites to determine the suitability of the Titan platform vs other installation technologies.  We will only proceed when we are convinced that Titan is the best technical solution for the site.

Integrated Project Analysis

The choice of foundation technology affects many other aspects of the project, such as cable systems, environmental issues, on-shore construction, etc.  We help review the entire project to ensure that the optimum integrated solution is developed.


The purchase of major offshore capital equipment is a complex process with multiple payment events, multiple underwriters, international financing support mechanisms, and international construction and transport oversight.  We have extensive experience constructing large platforms in China and supplying them to the Gulf of Mexico offshore oil and gas industry.  We will train and help your staff and financial partners develop a smooth and robust procurement solution.

On-Shore Construction

Our New England local teams know the waterfront and the rules and our land use and development experts will ensure there is a suitable and sustainable coastal base for project activities.


Installation of the Titan is a specialized activity using re-usable and portable jackup ratchet systems rented from us, so they do not have to be purchased for what may be only 2-time use (install and remove).

Operations and Maintenance

A full O&M service contract is offered to ensure that the platforms are serviced by fully-trained and experienced personnel with appropriate equipment and vessels.  Wind turbine engineers and technicians are generally not qualified for this ocean industry technology.


Rapid removal is a special advantage of the Titan platform.  We can perform these services as part of O&M or separately.  Because wind farms have a long life time of 20 years or more, we will train local companies and institutions in de-commissioning to ensure there always is a service provider when needed.